To support its constant innovation projects, SCM developped over the years a worldclass test facility, specialized in proofing its products. SCM is capable of simulating actual stresses, seen over the connector lifetime : HV, pressure, temperature, accelerated ageing, chemical compatibility and a combination of these stresses.

SCM has a dedicated team of test engineer, who constantly update and upgrade our equipment, as well as developping new set-ups and procedures to simulate real-life scenario.

Jumper assembly

Cable assembly

Fiber optic

Pressure vessels

  • Pressure tanks up to 60 m long and up to 900 mm internal diameter

High power

  • Voltage up to 200 kV
  • Current up to 2000 A at 200 Hz
  • Partial discharge measurements
  • HV withstand tests

Fiber optic

  • Single mode, multimode
  • Insertion loss and back reflexion measurements
  • High resolution OTDR